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In 1954, Sherwood “Shakey” Johnson pooled his funds with those of college friend, Ed Plummer to open the first Shakey’s outlet. The building was a remodeled grocery store located at the "57th" and "J" Streets in Sacramento, California. The two owners with the help of their friends opened the parlor on April 30, a Friday evening. As the ovens, were not complete, only beer was sold the first weekend. Johnson entertained guests by playing the piano and plummer served the beer.

With the money from the beer sales, the partners bought pizza products and began selling pizzas on Monday. Ten days later, they had fourteen employees and a month later, Dixieland jazz entertainment was added.
The restaurant at "57th" and "J" Streets has grossed millions of dollars and is still a successful Shakey’s today.

With the success of the first Sacramento restaurant, Johnson and Plummer opened a second Shakey’s two years later in a remodeled mattress factory on Foster Road in Portland, Oregon. The Shakey’s name and concept were already familiar due to the nightly jazz radio program they sponsored. In 1957 Shakey’s service companies began franchising. Opening that year were franchised restaurants in Seattle, Washington, Albany, Oregon, Carmichael, Concord, and Marysville, California. The franchise units also introduced a standard Shakey’s building design. Prior to it, the restaurants have always been located in existing remodeled structures.

began to expand outside the United States with the opening of a restaurant in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on February 15, 1968. Expansion then went south with the opening of Mexico City restaurant on May 7, 1968. The first Japanese restaurant opened in Osaka, Japan on July 26, 1976.
Expansion continued with a restaurant in Makati, Philippines in 1975.

Today there are over 500 Shakey’s restaurants world-wide. Pizza is still the mainstay at today’s Shakey’s, whether it’s our original thin crust version with its crispy, crunchy taste or the classic hand-tossed pizza with dough baked thick and chewy. Shakey’s guests also find a wide spectrum of ala carte items including marinated pressure-fried chicken, our exclusive MOJOTM potatoes (French-fried slices in seasoned breading) and pasta.
Our Purpose Statement


To provide our GUEST with good times and great memories.

Our Vision Statement


To be the LEADING and PREFERRED pizza restaurant chain that provides its guest with the best value for money and a very memorable experience.


Guest Focused
We will WOW our guests (external and internal), exceeding… not just meeting their expectations.


Unquestioned Integrity
We are ethical, honest, just, reliable and honorable. Our integrity is beyond doubt!


We will do things better than before, better than the others and better than expected! Good enough is never enough.


Sense of Ownership
We show Loyalty, dedication, commitment and “malasakit” to the business … thinking and deciding like an owner does for his business.


Thinking Organization
We put attention to detail and value the importance of reason. We apply ‘critical thinking’ in all our decisions.


1Team, 1 Passion
We unite as one, in everything we do. We are self-driven, intense and persistent. We have the ability to energize ourselves and everyone else around us.


Sustainable Results
We make the right things happen… we get the right things done...consistently and fast!


We practice responsibility and ensure that we can be relied on. We create an environment where everyone will be respected, appreciated and recognized for the efforts they put in.




ENERGY- A Shakey’s leader is full of energy and is enthusiastic in what he does. He/she is self-driven and ready to attack the job at hand.


ENERGIZE OTHERS- A Shakey’s leader positively energizes others around him, he/she inspires others to perform to the best of their abilities and helps them become the best that they can be.


EDGE- A Shakey’s leader is highly competent and skilled in what he does.He/she continuously strives to improve and is always willing to learn new things and accumulate more knowledge and skills.


EXECUTE- a Shakey’s leader is effective and efficient and always delivers results. He/she always strives to execute his tasks in a way better than others, better than before and better than expected.


EMPOWER- a Shakey’s leader nurtures an environment where people learn.  He/she has the deep sense of mission to make others become better persons and allow them to use their talents and skills effectively in the workplace.


EXAMPLE- a Shakey’s leader is a role model and always walk his talk.He/she builds trust and has integrity as his decisions and actions are based on solid ground rooting from his values, principles and best intentions.


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