Shakey’s Pizzanatic SuperCard

It’s a discount card, it’s a loyalty card, no, it’s the SHAKEY’S PIZZANATIC SUPERCARD!  Shakey’s has upgraded its Pizzanatic card to a leaner, meaner, version of the loyalty card

Everyone loves the Shakey’s Pizzanatic Card because of the tons of discounts and freebies, including a free pizza for every pizza delivery order with drinks to match.  It was a dream to have, but Shakey’s guests wanted more.
The objective was to take the Pizzanatic card, add in a redeemable point system, throw in even more freebies, and extend the validity to one year.  Naysayer economists may say it’s financially impossible but, because Shakey’s is celebrating its 35th year anniversary, the pizza chain made it all happen with the new Shakey’s Pizzanatic SuperCard!
For only P299.00, the upgraded loyalty card still retains all the fantastic offerings of the Pizzanatic Card such as the buy-1-take-1 deal and free-drink deals.   The new Shakey’s Pizzanatic SuperCard will now also act as a discount card that gives 10% discount on cash or credit card purchases, for non-promo items eaten at any Shakey’s restaurant.

Each card has a built-in electronic chip that stores guest information.  A card swiper is available for point crediting. Every 100-peso for dine-in and carry out transactions, earns 1 point which can be accumulated and used as cash in any Shakey’s restaurant.

Birthdays are special treats for Shakey’s Pizzanatic SuperCard owners.  On the day of your birthday, all you have to do is visit a Shakey’s restaurant, have your Shakey’s Pizzanatic SuperCard swiped and, voila, you can claim the FREE Large Pepperoni Thin Crust Pizza!

Sounds too good to be true?  Well, get one now and prove it for yourself! Visit the Shakey’s restaurant nearest you.  Whether it’s the famous Manager’s Choice Thin Crust Pizza,  the awesome twosome Chick N’ Chips, or the mouthwatering thick Milkshakes you’re ordering, you’ll not only be enjoying your meal but also be glad in knowing  that you’re getting a fantastic treat from Shakey’s with the new Shakey’s Pizzanatic SuperCard!

Celebrate Shakey’s 35 years, home of the original thin crust brick oven-baked pizza!  Visit Shakey’s biggest restaurant in the world along Quezon Avenue to experience Fun, Family, Pizza in a bigger box!  For fast and efficient delivery, please call 77-777 and remember, if it’s late, it’s FREE!

Card Application

Visit your nearest Shakey´s restaurant and we will provide you with an application form. Simply fill this up and submit it along with the application fee. The Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard costs Php 299 only.

You will receive a receipt. You may start using the receipt and enjoy the same benefits while waiting for your personalized card to arrive. The receipt is valid for 30 days from the date it was issued.

Your permanent Pizzanatic SuperCard will be delivered to you through mail within 30 days from your application.

Your Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard will be valid for one (1) year from the time of application.


Please take care of your Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard as it won´t be honored if found tampered. International Family Food Services, Inc. (Shakey´s), will not be liable for any lost card. In case of card loss, your points will be carried over to your new card. International Family Food Services, Inc. (Shakey´s), reserves the right to modify the program, or any part of it, anytime without prior notice. Benefits maybe revoked at any given time if a cardholder is found to be abusing the program.


How to Earn Points

1. Guest must present Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard to earn points.

2. Guest will earn 1 point for every Php100 Dine-in or Carry Out purchase.

3. For discounted purchases, the amount of points earned will be based on the total purchases net of discounts.

4. Points maybe earned from all modes of payment to include cash, credit/debit card, Shakey´s fun certificates and Sodexo passes.

5. Guest can check total points earned at any Shakey´s restaurant nationwide.

6. Points earned maybe transferred to the new card provided it is made 30 days from the date of card expiry.

How to Redeem Points

1. Guest must present Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard to redeem points.

2. Points earned can be used as payment for the next Dine-In, Carry-Out or Delivery transactions.

3. Points Earned can be redeemed at any Shakey´s restaurant nationwide.

4. Points earned are not convertible to cash.


How do I avail of the Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard?

You may purchase you Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard at any Shakey´s restaurant. Simply accomplish the application form and pay a fee of Php299 only, as application fee.

Can I use the Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard at any Shakey´s Restaurant?
Yes, your Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard maybe used at any Shakey´s Restaurant Nationwide.

What makes the Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard different?

Aside from providing exciting benefits such as special discounts and freebies, the Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard also allows you to earn points that can be used on your next purchase. Also, as part of the perks, you will receive a Large Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza for free when you Dine-in at any Sakey´s restaurant on the exact day of your birthday.

How do I earn points?
Simply present your Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard when you order for Dine-In or Carry Out at any Shakey´s restaurant. You will earn 1 point for every Php100 Dine-In or Carry Out purchase.

Do I earn points when I order for Delivery?

Instead of points, you can avail of free pizza/s.

Do I earn points when I celebrate my child´s birthday party at Shakey´s?

Yes, points are credited from food purchases only (not from amenities).

How do I check points I´ve earned?

You may check your points at any Shakey´s restaurant nationwide. Simply ask our food servers to swipe your card in the card reader.

I´ve already earned a lot of points. Can I exchange these for cash?

No, earned points are not convertible to cash. But you can use your earned points as a mode of payment for your next Dine-In and Carry Out transactions at any Shakey´s restaurant. Your points could be used to settle your delivery bill, as well. Simply inform the call center agent upon ordering from the hotline that you will be using your points on your purchase, our call center agent shall then continue this instruction to the delivering store.

Will I also earn points if I use discounts from VIP Cards, Senior Citizen Card or Employee Discounts?

Yes, you will still earn points based on the amount after discount.

Can I also apply discounts from VIP Cards, Senior Citizen Card or Employee Discounts together with my Pizzanatic SuperCard?

No, you can only use one discount/privilege at a time.

Does my Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard discount apply on value meal offers such as Family Meal Deals, Monster Meal Deal, V-League Bundle, Birthday party and function packages, and other existing and upcoming promos?

Since these packages are already offered at a special discounted price, the Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard discount for Dine-In and Carry Out is no longer applicable.

Can a friend transfer his/her Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard points to me so that I may have more points?

No, points may not be transferred to another person´s Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard. Each Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard is tagged with a unique number that protects existing points of the cardholder.

Do I also earn points and avail of the discount when I purchase novelty, non-food items such as Funzone tokens, Shakey´s branded premiums, V-League Volleyball, etc?

No. Points are only earned and discounts are only applicable on food item purchases.

If I will renew my Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard, can I transfer my remaining points to my new Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard?

Yes, points from your old Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard can be carried over to your new Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard 30 days before the expiration of the old Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard.

Does My Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard points expire?

Yes, your points expire 30 days after your Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard expires.

Is there a Renewal Fee?
The annual renewal fee of the Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard is Php299, which must be settled within 30 days or 1 month prior to your card´s expiration. Please pay the renewal fee within the prescribed period to keep your existing card points and be able to keep using the card´s stored cash value.

What if my Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard gets lost?
In case your Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard gets lost, please report the missing or stolen card to any Shakey´s store immediately, or at least within 24 hours. The Manager-on duty shall notify the Corporate Support Office and to deactivate the lost card. Shakey´s cannot be held accountable for any lost or stolen Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard. You can purchase a replacement Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard at Php299. It is strongly recomended that you avoid losing your Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard.

What happens to my previously earned points if my Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard gets lost?

Your existing points will be carried over to your new Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard. You just need to provide the required details of the lost Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard to the Shakey´s restaurant staff you are availing the replacement Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard from.

How do I renew my Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard? 

Thirty (30) days prior to your Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard´s expiration, visit your nearest Shakey´s restaurant and pay the renewal fee of Php299. The permanent plastic Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard will take 30 days to process. While waiting for the plastic card, please keep the tape receipt with your old card when you avail of the Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard benefits from Dine-In, Carry Out and Delivery. To claim your new Shakey´s Pizzanatic SuperCard, surrender the old card to the Shakey´s restaurant where you paid your renewal fee.